About Us

Cantine Giubertoni

Cantine Giubertoni is a winery that has been producing and selling Lambrusco for 6 generations.

Angelo Giubertoni, known as “Il Bel Angelin” (the beautiful little Angel) at the end of the 19th century began selling wine from the Oltrepo Mantovano (the area of Mantova’s province south of the river Po) in the Verona region. The company quickly moved from simply selling the wine to actually producing Lambrusco. Many historical and familiar events influenced the evolution of the company: after World War II, its associates had to reconsider the development of the markets, as the bombings had interrupted the main roads connecting the territories in the Mantova’s Oltre Po area.
In the village of San Nicolò Po, there was a bridge that was destroyed in those years and this bridge has been the inspiration for the label of our IGT Lambrusco “Vecchio Ponte” (Old Bridge).

At present, Cantine Giubertoni is still a small enterprise producing around 150.000 bottles of wine per year.
The grapes that are used come from the company’s historical suppliers, are hand picked and tipped in receival bins which can contain maximum 300 kg grapes.

Pressing is carried out the same day the grapes arrive at our premises; they are pressed lightly then left in vats (400 kg maximum) for maceration. The corporate and technological structure allows the company to process the product in all its phases, from the vine to the bottle, monitoring the whole production chain and guaranteeing high-end wines.

After 5 generations, the company is still run with the same passion and love by Omero Giubertoni, Alessandro and Emma Coppini.